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Undisclosed Intelligence Agencies Use Plone

A significant percentage of the U.S. intelligence community uses Plone.

Contextual has helped undisclosed intelligence agencies implement the Plone CMS.  There are numerous such agencies known to be using Plone.  

Typically, this is discovered through Plone developers stumbling on a website and recognizing something familiar and then inspecting the source code of the page, which reveals some aspects particular to Plone.  Unfortunately, these agencies aren't going around screaming from the rooftops how great Plone is and really helping promote the use of the software; they have bigger fish to fry.

These agencies obviously evaluate various CMS tools before choosing Plone, and we've learned that some of the key factors that have led them to choose Plone over other tools include:

  • Strong security (Plone has the best security record around of any CMS)
  • Fine-grained permissions management
  • Content approval workflows being automated and enforced
  • Ability to visually compare color-coded differences between versions of content
  • Ability to audit changes and to revert changes when necessary
  • Web standards and accessibility standards compliance


No other open source CMS can match Plone in these areas and this is why it's so popular among these large, security-focused enterprises.

Contextual is proud to have helped some such agencies implement the free open source software (FOSS) Plone CMS tool and is proud of the way these organizations are optimizing the use of taxpayer dollars by leveraging powerful and free (as in freedom and as in cost) open source software.

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