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Monster Jam Site Powered By Plone for 6 Years

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Contextual provides long-standing support, maintenance, and upgrades for site

Monster Jam Site Powered By Plone for 6 Years

Monster Jam Online Site Logo

The site was initially implemented on Plone back in 2003, for our IT consulting partner, SPR Inc. and client, Feld Entertainment (formerly this division was with Live Nation and before that with Clear Channel Communications.)

Since then, Contextual and its clients and partners have witnessed a great many improvements to the Plone CMS and the Zope platform it runs on, as they've become more robust and feature-rich, and the Plone community has grown exponentially.

Whereas, back in 2003, Contextual was one of very few IT integrators recommending and providing Plone implementation services for its clients (along with other CMS tools, at the time), it is much more common today for IT  integrators to recommend open source technologies.

Contextual and SPR were wise enough to see the open source benefits and help grow the trend toward its adoption in the enterprise by being involved in the first Plone conference in 2003, and implementing Plone for our clients ever since.

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