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Plone CMS Consulting Services

Contextual provides Plone CMS services related to consulting, installation, implementation, integration, content migration, web design, support, and maintenance.

Contextual's consultants have been professional Plone CMS integration experts since before version 1.0 of Plone was released, and have continued to deliver success Plone-based web content management solutions for organizations through today.

Contextual believes in the power of free open source software (FOSS) as both a common sense approach for organizations to get the most of their IT solutions investments, as well as a way to transform the software development landscape as we know it.

Many people are familiar with the free open source web browser named Firefox and some are familiar with the Linux operating system.  These are two examples of open source software tools and communities of developers that have gained wide adoption rates and success.

Plone too is both a community and a software tool.  There are hundreds of Plone consultants in over 50 countries.  The community is vibrant, with numerous symposia each year in various countries, and a world-wide conference with attendance by developers and users from all over the globe.

On any given day, users and developers who work with Plone can visit the online chat room on IRC at #plone to give and receive advice to/from hundreds of other users and developers.

The open source development model is a different one for those used to the old-school commercial software model, but that old model is dying and quickly.  One just needs to look at the trend from buying and installing software on local hardware to a model that leases software as a service (Saas) that is hosted for them and where the option to increase scalability is much simpler than the old aproach of buying an entire additional server (or servers).

Contextual believes in both the open source software model and the cloud computing / SaaS model of running software in the future.  If your organization is looking for a partner committed to these approaches and specificlaly with a solid track record with the Plone CMS, please contact us.

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