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Definition of Contextual Content Management

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Contextual Corporation is founded on the premise that content without context can be not only less than ideal, but dangerous to an organization's efforts to put forth a clear and cohesive message.

Contextual Content Management is the process of empowering content to be more valuable than words alone.

By associating content with an appropriate design, or look and feel, words can be given more meaning.  For example an article on recession may have to do with the economy or a person's hair line.  By provding graphics, headings, related content, and perhaps links to external research articles, the original article is given much more power and value than if the text alone were presented on a blank page (whether web-based or printed.)

By leveraging a Content Management System, such as Plone, content authors and publishers can ensure that a consistent design is applied to all pages of content, and can take advantage of features built into the CMS that allow for categorizing of content, associating related articles, papers, news releases and other items, and can leverage the design of the CMS that ensures that content is searched and indexed well by external search engines, giving the content more visibility and a wider audience.

The Plone CMS in particular includes features to ensure that a website can automatically update itself with new, related content, reducing the work of content authors, and improving the experience and level of context for site visitors or consumers of content.

Contextual Corporation is a Plone CMS integration services firm that specializes on helping organizations make the most of this powerful and flexible open source (free as in freedom and as in cost) software tool, and on getting the most value out of ones content.

To find out more about our services, visit the Our Work section of our website.

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