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Plone Foundation Announces: More Sprints!

2013 should be a banner year for getting more enhancements into Plone, with new funding provided by the Plone Foundation.

The Plone Foundation recently announced new policies related to funding of more sprints this year.  Sprints are short, focused efforts to improve Plone's technical features, user interface, documentation, marketing, core architectural strategy, and more.

Some sprints, such as those directly after a major Plone conference or symposium, have over 100 sprinters cranking away on ideas, code, documentation.  Other sprint events are week-long events with a smaller team that has a more focused mission, such as 'improving the AJAX features in Plone', or 'ensuring a smooth upgrade path for the next major Plone version', and so forth.

If you'd like to get involved with a sprint or want to help buy the pizza, granola bars, and coffee that keep the Plone goodness coming, then get involved!

More Sprint Information

You can find more on Plone sprints and how to get funding here:

Upcoming Sprints

These things take place all over the world - and wherever you want to organize one.  You can find out which sprint projects are coming up, and where, by going here:

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