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Intranet Shoot-out: Plone vs. SharePoint

Ken Wasetis presented this comparison of Plone and SharePoint at the 2012 Plone Conference in Arnhem, The Netherlands

In case you were not able to attend the 2012 Plone Conference in Arnhem, The Netherlands, here is the presentation that our president and co-founder, Ken Wasetis gave that compares the open source Plone CMS to the commercial and ubiquitous Microsoft SharePoint portal tool.

While the title sounds somewhat confrontational and could start a CMS flame war at a Plone CMS conference, the Plone community of developers and others in attendance actually were very open to hearing an honest evaluation of how Plone stacks up against its de facto competition in the Intranets space (SharePoint.)  

Nothing was sugar-coated, so it's been a well-received presentation, with almost 1,000 views on Slideshare in just the first 3 months there.  We hope you find it useful and insightful.


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