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Help Fund the New Plone Toolbar!

If you like the idea of an even easier to use Plone editor / admin toolbar interface, then chip-in with some small amount to help fund Rok Garbas' time in the effort to complete it's development.

Do you use Plone on a regular basis?

Does your organization / company depend on Plone for an important website?

Do you feel as though you've taken a lot from the Plone community and would love to give back in some way now?


Well here's a great way to give back to Plone the community and Plone the software project...

Sometimes community-driven development just hums along without prodding and great things get done without any/much financial backing, but sometimes, and especially in the case of the development of a more complex/advanced feature, it could take some funding to pay for a key developer to crank out some serious code as though it's his/her full-time jobs for awhile.

And so, if you'd like to help fund keeping Rok Garbas, Plone developer extraordinaire, focused on finishing a new Plone 'editor toolbar' that will sit above the top edge of the content page while editing, rather than sitting smack-dag in the middle of the page, just above the main content/copy for the page, there here is your chance to join many others who are helping out with this Chip-In campaign.

Everybody chips in just a little, so there isn't the need to have one large sponsor for the work.  Sounds great, right?  This has been a successful model for past Plone development efforts too, so let's make it happen! 

To find out more details of the product and the planned features for Part I and II of Rok's effort, follow the link below.

Chip-In Campaign to Help Rok Finish Plone Toolbar:

Viva la open source!

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